Week of Prayer - Friday - Wellington First Assembly

Wellington First Assembly

326 W Botkin Lane, Wellington Kansas ........Family Faith Lessons - 9:30 AM........ Sunday Worship - 10:30 AM


Friday, January 19, 2018

Week of Prayer - Friday


Friday –  Restore the Land 
Prayer Focus: In response to our prayer and repentance, God promises to restore. Just as rain brings new life, the Holy Spirit will refresh and renew His people and His church so that we will effectively influence the culture for good and righteousness.

  • Pray for a restoration of biblical standards of morality and righteousness as the gospel is proclaimed and Christ followers openly share their faith and demonstrate godly character, faith, and integrity in the culture.
  • Pray that marriages and family relationships will be strengthened as Christ followers determine to keep Christ at the center of their lives and homes.
  • Pray that the next generation will be established on firm spiritual foundations and embrace the claims of Christ as they are discipled in the home and church.