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Monday, September 4, 2017

Arise, for the Lord Has Given!

The story of Gideon is well known.  A terrified man, hiding in a hole is transformed into a dedicated leader of a small group which succeeds through reliance on God.

For the past several years, our church has firmed our foundations.   To the outsider looking in, we may be small – but I believe God has been preparing us to be his servants so that only He can receive the glory for any accomplishments.  I believe we are at the place where Gideon was right before the battle of the Midianites.  The promise he heard that day was the same one we hear today:

 Arise for the Lord has Given.
(Judges 7:15)

It is not unusual to be nervous about starting new things or advancing into new territory where the natural odds are against you.  But if there is one thing we know from our experience with Christ – he will never fail us!

This Fall, we are going to ramp up several things that have not been in place the past couple years.  It will require everyone’s help – in whatever way they can.

First, Youth will be meeting at 9:30 AM every Sunday AM.  We will develop some fun nights and schedule other events for this year soon.

Second, FIRST WEDNESDAYS will be a targeted event inviting local community families to come during the 2017-18 school year for 8 specific nights.  On those nights, we will not have our normal Bible study, but instead, put our faith into action.  This is what will happen:

  • Beginning at 5:30 PM, a FREE dinner will be offered for all kids, their families and anyone in attendance.
  • At 6:30, an adult session focusing on practical parenting, using the Grace Based Parenting curriculum will be led in the main sanctuary. Children’s church and activities will be provided in the Fellowship Hall up through 5th grade. 

Dates for First Wednesdays for will be:
§  October 4, 2017
§  November 1, 2017
§  December 6, 2017
§  January 3, 2017
§  February 1, 2017
§  March 7, 2017
§  April 4, 2017
§  May 2, 2017

For us to impact our local community, everyone can play a part in helping.  For this monthly event, we need to have a children’s activity team, a kitchen team, and a welcome team.  This is a time for us to step up and arise, for the Lord has given!  

Please pray this week what God would have you to do. Sign-up sheets will be available on Sunday.