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Friday, June 16, 2017

Wisdom - Promoting the Partner...

 1)  A person who walks in wisdom Promotes their partner (21)
Paul concludes his ways of walking with wisdom by reminding his audience that everything comes back to serving others.  Wisdom is best exercised when it puts other first.  Solomon’s great court case to determine that maternity of a disputed child is resolved when the true mother puts the welfare of her baby before her own satisfaction. 
This is the quickest way to bring the outsider closer in.  When we privilege the person who is most not like us – a different ethnic background, social status, or political leanings, we turn strangers into friends.  We build relationships.  We construct mutual respect and understanding.
It is not uncommon in the workplace or even in a class project for school, for one person to take credit for an idea or solution– even when it might have been someone else’s.  HR managers give advice on how to handle this – the reality is there isn’t much you can do about it after the fact without looking vindictive yourself.  But they will agree there is something you can do pro-actively.  When you give generously give credit and share credit with those who truly deserve it on a regular basis instead of hogging the glory for yourself, people are more likely to give you credit as well.  This simple step can turn backstabbing colleagues into a well-functioning team.
The same is true in a relationship.  Long term marriages often have worked out that way because both partners have mutual respect for each-other, takes interest in what the other is doing, and appropriately promotes them – giving them credit and support in what they do.  Those who take a selfish, inward focused interest often find themselves at odds with each other.
This is no different than what Jesus did at the night of the last supper, where he, taking on the form of the servant, kneeled on the floor and washed the dirty dusty feet of his disciples as they came in for the Passover meal.   Jesus modeled his servanthood by promoting the disciples.  Jesus even washed the feet of Judas, whom he knew in just a few hours would betray him to the crucifixion, yet he did it just as sincerely as anyone else.  Do you promote your friends?  Do you promote your enemies?  A person walking in wisdom gives credit to where it is due.
Remember This

Hospitality befriends a stranger, Wisdom cultivates a friend.
The Bible is quite clear on its passages about foreigners and aliens, in its parables of Samaritans, and even the development of the first deacons who were to take care of widows and orphans that hospitality towards the stranger is important.  But what takes a bunch of strangers from out of town gathered on the day of Pentecost and turns them into a group motivated to share the gospel of Christ exponentially around the known world in only a few decades? 
It’s because the strangers did not remain unknown.  Wisdom walks with them, talks with them, and calls them his own.  The best example of this is probably on the road to Emmaus.  You may remember this from Luke 24.  The city of Jerusalem is in panic.  The tomb had been emptied rumors abounded.  Religious leaders were panicked, Roman authorities were scared, followers of the rabbi were saddened as to what had happened.  Two men, walking on the 7-mile road from Jerusalem to Emmaus showed hospitality to a lone walker.  They invited him into their conversation, and then requested that he have dinner with them.  It was there, that Jesus showed friendship, hosted the dinner, and then broke the bread.  In so doing, he revealed himself as the risen Savior, Wisdom personified, Christ glorified, Friend forever.
As Christians, as a church, we are called to go beyond befriending strangers.  We too once were sinners, strangers to God’s grace—but his mercy now covers us all.  God calls on us to exercise wisdom and cultivate friends.  The person you don’t get along with – that is who God is calling you to share the love of Christ.

Think This Through
The will of God for your life is revealed when you walk with wisdom in the company of others.
We are called to come together as a corporate body.  This isn’t just worship time – it’s practice time for the real worship done outside the church doors.  But our time together is needed – The wise person keeps good company.  Just as iron sharpens iron and many counselors create smart policies, so when we get together, God reveals his will for our lives.  What is that will?  To walk in wisdom, a faithful servant for our Lord and King.