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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Walking With Wisdom - Meet the Holy Spirit!

 A person who walks in wisdom, discovers the Spirit of holiness (17-18). 
Paul makes the link between wise living and holiness.  Holiness is not a list of things to avoid.  While that might be helpful to some, holiness is much more expansive than that.  In the first testament, the holiness codes had everything to do with how close you were to God.  In that case, it was your proximity to the Holy of Holies – the place where God dwelt.  If you were 20 miles away, not nearly as many holiness rules applied to you.  If you were a few feet away, there are whole lists in Leviticus that had to be done.  Holiness is purification.  Holiness is being made and transformed into the image of Christ, acceptable in his presence.  It comes down to this – The deeper your relationship to Christ is, the more holy you must become.  By the way – holiness is always in directional relationship to Christ.  Whatever you are called to be holy in may not be the same as what another person may be called to be holy in – because it has everything to do with personal relationships.  When you judge another person for being more or less holy than you are – that is when you fall into the sin of hypocrisy.  Having said that, don’t confuse holiness with ethical behavior.  You can be the nicest ethical person, and not be holy at all. The first has to do with your relationship to other people, and the second has to do with your relationship with God.

The contrast is quickly made between the life of the Spirit, and the life of Debauchery.  For Paul, they are clear opposites.  One is committed to Christ and a moral nature.  The other is committed to the life of this world, full of sexual immorality and broken relationships.  Drinking from the new wine of the Holy Spirit leads to committed relationships.  Binge drinking only leads to violent and immoral acts which bring heartache and broken lives.  Paul looks back to Proverbs 20:1 in this passage – “Wine is a mocker, strong drink a brawler, and whoever is led astray by it is not wise.”  A wise man seeks the Spirit as the director of his life.