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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Walking With Wisdom - Continually Worship!

A Person who walks with Wisdom, exercises the art of continual worship.
We are musical beings.  How many people sing in the car?  How many people have ever been caught singing, full voice, stopped at a red light, and then realize their window is down and everyone hears them?  The fact is humans have a propensity to open the mouth and let stuff out.  And if your mouth isn’t’ enough – many others let their fingers do the talking on Facebook.
What this verse reminds us is that we are all in continual worship.  The question is what are we worshipping?  Are we singing the praises of Christ?  Are we lifting up our brothers or sisters?  Or are we worshipping ourselves by putting others down, being a cyber bully, by flipping someone off, by talking bad about someone behind their back.  What is coming out of your mouth?  James spends a whole chapter devoted to taming the tongue.  Here Paul writes about the same thing, but in a different fashion.
There are two layers of worship – the corporate layer – where we get together, sing songs that glorify God and proclaim what we believe.  And then there is the individual layer, where we worship God in word and deed through our speech, our song and our action.  Worship is not just about music.
When is it the most important time to worship and sing praises to God?  Not necessarily on Sunday morning – although the corporate time is needed to steel our spirits for the times we are not with each other.  Paul can tell you when the most important time is.  It’s when life has beaten you down.  It’s when you’ve been left for dead.  It’s when the walls are crumbling around you.  It’s when life is spinning out of control. 
Because that’s when the power of continual worship comes into play.  It is that worship the sets aside the circumstances of the moment, the cancerous tissue, the loss of a job, the broken relationship, the distant son.  Worship moves us from our time and into God’s time.  Worship doesn’t take away our problems, but it makes them bearable.
The only way to worship in the bad times is to make worship a habit.  The wise person practices worshiping God at every opportunity.  

Who are you worshiping?