Palm Sunday Sermon - Wellington First Assembly

Wellington First Assembly

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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Palm Sunday Sermon

The noise grew louder, the approaching din raised a racket.  Merchants stopped haggling over merchandise and raised their gaze to where dust trails emanated from just down the street. What is this racket?  - one asked.  Who is this?
Several emotions certainly flitted across the minds of the people that day.  Disruption was never good for business – and right now no one knew what was going on.  Uncertainty drives fear, and fear panic.

The city was already teaming with people – strangers, outsiders, visitors on their annual trip.  Rooms were crowded, but business had been good.  Does this noise mean rabble rousers were on the loose?  Did it mean the authorities were cracking down?  Was it a riot or a celebration?

The rumor mill worked.  Even in the days of no cell phones or instant messages, it was not long before the entire city was tuned into the breaking news.  Something was happening.  Someone was coming.  Who is this?

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Perhaps another celebrity, another dignitary.  One never knew, people could break out into celebrations at the strangest times.  But something seemed different this time.  An electric current hung in the air.  After all security was tight.  This was a week that no one wanted to go wrong. 

So, Who is this? 

Our text today relates the story of this familiar event.  Our text answers this question and it compels us to ask the same.  Who is this Jesus of Nazareth, and why is he being celebrated?  The necessary follow up question continues – should I celebrate him too?

Matthew 21:1-11

· Celebrate on the ruins of the past.
· Celebrate in the fulfillment of the present.
· Celebrate because of the knowledge of the future.
Jesus invites you to celebrate life with Him!