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Saturday, April 15, 2017

How True It Is! -- An Easter Message

He is Risen, Indeed!  How True It Is!
Do you like stories?  Who cannot resist a good tale, told on a warm summer evening, gathered around a smoky campfire fit, the scents of burnt marshmallow and melted chocolate wafting through the gentle breeze?  Rapt attention of wide eyed youngsters, ears opened wide as they breathe in the words of the masterfully crafted story.  Tall tales, ghost stories, fables and myths all serve one purpose – they help craft the identity of a young person.  Those times of meaningful adult conversations provide roadmaps to the universe, they reveal principles that help guide the next generation – allowing them to discern what is true or what is an alternative fact.

The people of the Navajo, as many indigenous cultures have story telling deeply engrained into their DNA.  A tradecraft, carefully honed and preserved.  Stories of creation, life, and redemption.  The art of listening combined with the art of telling weaves together the stories of personal experience, social injustice, historical anecdotes, and great triumph.  

How True It Is.

The same concept held true for the ancient Jewish people.  They lived, and moved, and had their being in Story.  A narrative tale that began at creation, endured the tragic events of the fall, but enjoyed the promise of Messiah.  It was a rabbi, a former carpenter, who gathered a small band and told them stories.  Stories about hidden talents, tales of forgiveness, tapestries of ancient prophecies coming together in supreme fulfillment. 
The events of that Passover week have been told and retold a thousand times.  Each telling reinforces the wonder.  Each telling deepens the skepticism.  Each telling marked by the presence of the Holy Spirit.  Each telling an opportunity to share the story, the whole story, and nothing but the story.  Compelled to witness, not to just their friends and neighbors, but to all those who would listen.

And that is how we find the apostle Peter, invited into a Gentiles house, offered the storyteller’s seat, and asked to tell the tale -- of Jesus and his Resurrection.  How True It is!


How True It Is!
Acts 10:34-43

· He came for you and me. (36)
· His grace we freely see. (37-38)
· He hung on a wooden tree. (39)
· He brings our victory!  (38,43)
Remember This
Jesus Christ did not come into this world to make bad people good; He came into this world to make dead people live!  — Lee Strobel, author
Think This Through
How will I give my life so others
can have a resurrection experience?