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Sunday, March 5, 2017

The Need for Change

This season of time set aside before Easter has been used for centuries by Christians who want to look deeper in their soul, identify and discern what may be sinful habits or selfish intentions. 

We must ask the question – what is sin?  What separates us from the Love of God?  Romans 8:38 makes it pretty clear that nothing we do and no external forces can block stop God from loving us.  But there are definitely things in our life, if allowed to remain, can fester and hinder us from loving God.  Our discernment lets us see what influences us in live.  And they can be roughly divided into 3 areas – things that draw us closer to God’s love, things that push us away from his care, and things that are neutral – which could become one or the other at a later time.  The choices we make and the directions we go can either make us healthy or harmful. Boot camp forces you to address things you may want to hide.


The Need for Change
Matthew 4:1-11

Three Challenges for Change:
¨ Do I rely on God’s providence when caught in the wilderness?
¨ Do I completely trust God’s unfolding plan?
¨ Do my actions worship God or myself?
The goal of obedience to the Father is accomplished, not by
triumphant self-assertion, not by the exercise of power and
authority, but paradoxically by the way of humility, service,
and suffering. Therein lies true greatness.—Dr. Donald Hagner

Reaching His promise is not a quest for the lazy;
are you willing to be challenged and changed in the journey?