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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Boot Camp for the Soul

The season of Lent (from Ash Wednesday to Maunday Thursday) is a period of 40 days historically set aside by the church as a time of prayer and repentance.

Forty days is not chosen arbitrarily.  It is the same amount of days Jesus was tempted in the wilderness.  It was the same amount of years the children of Israel wandered in the desert.  The number forty represents a generation -- when old passes away, while new life and hope is reborn.

In popular culture, Lent has turned into a time to give up something not easily missed - an hour of tv, chocolate bars, even social media.  But the power of the Lenten season isn't in what is given up -- it is in what is found deep within your soul.  Lent can be a time of powerful reflection, deep spirituality, and a yearning expectation.

This year for Lent, lets go deeper in Christ, allow him to imprint our souls, and expect the impossible!

See ya Sunday --

Pastor Marvin