Advent Devotion Hope 5 - Wellington First Assembly

Wellington First Assembly

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Friday, December 2, 2016

Advent Devotion Hope 5

We can declare whatever happens today is not final. 

Missed the first Sunday of Advent?  WATCH or LISTEN to the message here.  

The man says to Jesus, you can bring my daughter back – her story is not finished yet.  The woman says to Jesus, you can bring my life back – my story is not finished yet.  And Jesus agrees.  You’re right.  The story if not finished.  The result is not over.  The situation is not final.  The last word has not been spoken.

If you hear me, then listen closely.  The situation you find yourself in today is not final.  It’s not over yet.  Be encouraged!  Have hope!  Your salvation draweth nigh.

I know that some things feel like they will never end.  Sickness, Rebellion, addiction, financial insecurity, uncertainty.  But Jesus says, not yet!  It aint’ over yet!

Remember this!

Today’s circumstance is not tomorrow’s Conclusion!

Just because it looks dark and bleary today does not mean it’s time to give up hope!  The sun will come out tomorrow!  Christ is still in control – even, and especially even, when you don’t see him and don’t think he’s there.

You see, death for Jesus is not the final word.  The dead in Christ shall rise again.  Just as we celebrate advent, preparing for the coming of the Messiah to be born as a babe in Bethlehem, so too we now await the second coming of Christ – our Blessed and eternal hope when we will be reunited with those who have gone on before in incorruptible bodies, where permanent healing and visible scars co-exist.

So, if death is not the final word, then none of those desperate situations you are in need to remain that way.  Jesus can bring you salvation today!