Advent Devotion Hope 4 - Wellington First Assembly

Wellington First Assembly

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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Advent Devotion Hope 4

Our Healer treats the disease... not the reason.

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Occasionally, I go to the doctor, maybe for a cough or a sore throat.  It’s up to that medical expert to diagnose the disease and treat it – which is not always the same as the reason I first show up at the doctor.  In fact, if anyone types into google your symptoms of cough and sore throat, you’ll be given about a hundred disease you could have and might die from.  Just as a good medical doctor looks for underlying systemic health issues, so our healer addresses the real disease.

I’m thankful that Jesus heals.  But notice something – these miracles are temporary.  Eventually the young girl would breath her last.  Eventually, the older woman would enter her permanent rest.  The physical healings provide a temporary respite – they do not provide a permanent cure.  Too many people long for one without the other.  Managing symptoms is not the same as complete healing.  And to provide complete healing, the underlying cause most be eradicated.  In this case, it is sin.  A holistic healing is one that saves.  One that restores the image of Christ back into a person who lost it.  One that puts back into place the true purpose that God created humanity – as stewards, and worshippers, and friend.  One that can only be accomplished through the final defeat of death, hell, and the grave.  The healings recorded here are just pre-cursors to what God can do and will do.  And yet they are just a shadow of God’s plan for his whole creation.