Advent Devotion Hope 3 - Wellington First Assembly

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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Advent Devotion Hope 3

 Our healer instills deepened courage. 
Missed the first Sunday of Advent?  WATCH or LISTEN to the message here.  
 It takes courage to step out in faith to ask the ridiculous, especially in public where you can easily be ridiculed.  But it takes even more courage to believe that the ridiculous could even come true – that the impossible can be made possible.  So Jesus says these simple words.  Have courage.  Be encouraged!

I’ll tell you what brings hope flooding in – it’s encouragement.
I have heard stories of school age children who read and re-read notes of encouragement given to them by their teachers and fellow students that get them past the dark days of depression.  I’ve heard stories of people at the hospital bedside who read and re-read cards, knowing that there will be a day when they can return home.  I have seen the tears stop flowing and smiles return to faces as friends comfort the hurting.  Encouragement builds up hope and renews strength.

In a stunning utterance, Jesus proclaims the same words he once told his name sake recorded in Joshua 1:9.  Be strong and of good courage.  The second half of the saying is not recorded here in Matthew, but the implication is clear. “For the Lord Your God is with You.”  In this simple phrase to this simple woman, Jesus affirmed his divinity.  He affirmed that he was the same God who led Joshua into the promised land.  He affirmed he was the same God that held the moon and the stars in their tracks until the victory was won.  
Why is the woman healed?  Because Christ was declaring a new covenant, a new promised land was being won.  From this day forward the Kingdom of God would not just take over the land of Israel, but be available to all those who believe in Him with deepened courage.  The big miracle isn’t limited to the healing of this woman’s medical issue or the temporary resurrection of the young girl.  The biggest miracle is in the redemption plan now evident and available for all of humanity.