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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Advent Devotion Hope 2

Our Healer Accepts Ridiculous Invitations

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Our healer accepts ridiculous invitations.  It was ridiculous under the social conventions of that day for Jesus to stop his journey to the house he was headed, to inquire who touched him in the throngs of people jostling around the narrow winding streets of the city.  The woman who had endured 12 years of pain was ridiculous in thinking that she could ever achieve in gaining his attention.  Her condition had made her desperate.  It had social consequences.  It affected her marriage.  It affected her family.  She could not ever come close to the temple due to the rules and regulation.  She could not find the solace she needed.  To think that she, considered unclean by the religious regulations of that day could invite the most Holy God to bring her hope was beyond imagination.  But our healer accepts ridiculous invitations.  If you think that your situation puts you beyond the grace of God, puts you outside the realm of where God can reach you… think again.  Because Jesus enjoys surprising you.  He lives for these ridiculous moments.  He was born for them.

The wealth man’s invitation is no less ridiculous.  He has just heard Jesus respond to the other religious leaders in the synagogue.  Jesus isn’t following the prescribed code of fasting right then.  He’s not doing all the extra things that religious regulations call for.  This wealthy supporter of the synagogue knows that if he breaks ranks with his friends, it could lead to some awkward social situations.  Yet his desperation is so prevalent, his grief so immense, he risks everything and offers Jesus a ridiculous proposition.  Come to my house and touch my dead daughter.  One can imagine the visible shock and recoil of others in the synagogue.  Death is unclean.  There are regulations for that too – and not only is Jesus going to ignore regulations on fasting – but death too?  But Jesus, our healer, accepts ridiculous invitations.  He is willing to touch us in our grief, in our brokenness, in our times of desperation and sorrow – so that we can be made whole once again.  It is his touch, his Word, his voice that speaks new life, breaths a new spirit, provides that ever evasive hope. The wealthy synagogue supporter and the poor sickly woman both receive a new hope that day.