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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Disciples Avoid Toxic Faith

Ever been around a dirty diaper?  It starts to stink!  That's what toxic faith is like.  When no one wants to be around you!

The disciples learned that the needed to avoid toxic faith at all times -- and instead live in care for each other.  In other words -- stop judging each other and be kind!

Join Pastor Marvin as he preaches from Luke 18:9-14.

Here are some symptoms of persons infected with toxic faith:

  • They boast about their own self righteousness
  • They possess a judgmental spirit
But a person justfied by faith has these symptoms:
  • They confess their unrighteousness (sin) in their own life.
  • They request mercy from a forgiving God.

Non-toxic Christians live in humility!

You may lisen to the entire message on VIDEO or AUDIO!

See you next Sunday!