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Friday, October 9, 2015

Why I love the church...

I'm sitting here on this Friday, marking things off the to do list.

  • Fix Guest Wi-Fi - CHECK
  • Get Printer working - CHECK
  • Write Sermon - CHECK

It's not being done in quiet either.  Behind me I hear the sounds of music getting set for Sunday (Amazing Grace is one of them),  bulletins being printed, light bulbs being changed, fire extinguishers being recharged, and kids playing with LEGOS as parents help out.

Yes, we are a SMALL church.  But we have a huge SERVANT heart.

Thank you to all the volunteers that make a time of corporate worship every Sunday morning possible.  Thank you to all those who ask every week to come visit and experience the presence of God.

Thank you to all those who joined us at Pastor Atkins' church last week to join in unity with our African American brothers and sisters and provide for our community.

Thank you to those who have decorated and cleaned the facilities.

And thanks be to the Lord of Glory, who has given us his Spirit and a chance to worship together.

See ya Sunday at 10:30 AM!