Wheat Festival - Wellington First Assembly

Wellington First Assembly

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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Wheat Festival

A church is not a building -- it's a group of people determined to do life together under the leadership of Jesus Christ in the daily activities of life.

This week, we invite you to join us as we have fun in our community during the Wellington Wheat Festival.  We have cancelled our Wednesday night service and our Thursday Be Mature Ladies Bible Study, because we want you to be engaged with people outside of our doors.

I am asking everyone to wear the YOU BELONG HERE shirts as much as possible during the festival -- at the picnic on Wednesday night, the Bed Races (featuring our very own Redeemed Racers) on Thursday night, and then the parade on Friday night.  I am asking everyone that can to walk with us and pass out invitations to people to come on Sunday and hear how Jesus can positively engage their life.

I passionately believe that Jesus Christ is leading our congregation into a new period of revival and evangelism.  We are a rejected people loved by an accepting Jesus. 

P.S.  -- Thanks to Linda Wilson and all the youth and kids who helped put together the invitations and make the shirts!


-- Pastor Marvin