New Pastor - Wellington First Assembly

Wellington First Assembly

326 W Botkin Lane, Wellington Kansas ........Family Faith Lessons - 9:30 AM........ Sunday Worship - 10:30 AM


Sunday, January 18, 2015

New Pastor

 My wife and I are honored to accept the lead pastorate of Wellington First Assembly!  We have enjoyed getting to know the people and community during the last several months!

There is no question in my mind that God is leading this church into a new era, building off the foundations that so many great men and women of God have laid before.  My eternal gratitude goes out to the pastors who have shepherded this congregation in the past.

As the future unfolds, I can promise several things.  First, I will not do everything.  As a bi-vocational pastor, my job is to help each of you develop the gifts that God has given you so that together we share in the work of the ministry.

Second, missions will shape what I do.   We will support missions -- around the world, the country, and here in Wellington.  Every decision we make will be influenced by our passion to share the love of Jesus with each other.

Third, I will make mistakes.  While I hope I don't, invariably, I will offend someones feelings, overlook their service, or just "miss it".  Let me apologize in advance -- and please, let me know when I do!

We look forward to serving God together!


Pastor Marvin, Teresa, Marissa, & Lillian Miller