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Monday, December 8, 2014

Testimonies of Transformation

4 people.
Each with a story.

A story of heartache and hurt.
A story of healing.
A story of transformation.
A story of renewed purpose.

Yesterday I sat around a table and discussed church membership (I prefer the term partnership) with 4 people who have been redeemed and transformed.  As each shared their testimonies, their sense of purpose, and their calling to the greater body of Christianity and our local congregation in particular, tears where shed and vision renewed.

I am blessed to see people committed to Christ, ready to do whatever it takes to reach others for him.

I am glad that we don't have to be perfect to serve Christ.

Next week we get to receive these four individuals into full partnership in our congregation.  As I've said before, membership doesn't get you any closer to God or even any discounts or special treatment. It's more like commitment to a bunch of siblings who don't always agree on everything.

I've asked them each to bring a cross.  The crosses could each be as different as we are as individuals. But taken together they remind us we have one faith, one baptism -- in Jesus Christ.

The cross represents God's faithful plan of redemption for his people.  
Their cross represents their faithfulness to Jesus Christ and to our congregation.  
Those crosses will be permanently placed on a wall in the church.  While people may move on, those crosses will serve as a tangible reminder every week that God is faithful to his people and we are faithful to him, from generation to generation.

Over the course of the next few weeks, I will be asking existing members to add their cross to the wall.  In partnership together, we will see God continually transforming our lives and our town.