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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Mr. Heat Miser

I was preparing dinner for the kids while getting ready to run off to another Christmas themed event, ornament exchange gift bags in hand. Backpacks were scattered on the couch, the kids were doing homework, and the TV was humming softly in the background.  As I paused between burning the garlic toast and undercooking the noodles, I caught a hint of music floating through the air.

I identified it immediately!

One of my favorite old Rankin / Bass holiday specials: The Year without a Santa Claus (1974).

Like many people, I have memories of where and when I first saw these animated shows.  I had viewed them as a child several times.

But I always flash back to a blustery winter day in December nearly 30 years ago, a small hospital room, and a wall mounted TV.

I was a young high school student and had stopped by the medical center to chat with my grandmother, recovering from another long term procedure.  While we talked, the Sunday afternoon Christmas special droned in the background, permanently etching the encounter into my long term memory.

I don't recall our conversation that day.  Nor do I really remember the whole plot line of the show.  But I do remember this:  Taking the time to chat with someone, particularly family is important.  During the holiday season, many people realize they have lost loved ones or don't have anyone to share it with.  Even worse are those like the Miser brothers, who refused to get along, creating dysfunction for an entire fictional Southtown, USA.

Perhaps that is why we really need a Prince of Peace.  Someone who can mend broken relationships, someone who can cause people to work together-- united in a common cause, someone who can save us from ourselves.

I'm glad there is someone like that.  His name is Jesus.... and He came.